“Kat Meads is the real deal.”—Greensboro News & Record
“Meads is an excellent writer, challenging and empathetic.” —Fjords
“Meads is the distinguished author of many very fine books. In This Season of Rage and Melancholy Such Irrevocable Acts as These is perfect: perfectly rendered, observed, and shattering.” —Kelly Cherry
“Kat Meads can be funny, eloquent, enlightening and exciting—all in one compelling essay after another.”
—Lee Gutkind
For You, Madam Lenin is an astonishing book, authoritative, brave and compelling.” —Valerie Miner
“Kat Meads’s hilarious and hair-raising tale of Kitty Duncan’s reckless and willful descent into perdition is an irresistible one ... a breathtaking and edgy romp.” —John Dufresne
“Scary and funny, hard-nosed and satiric, fast-paced and reflective, SLEEP is one impressive dark night of the soul.” —Keith Ferrell

“Kat Meads writes a sea of mesmerizing short stories. They are addictive ... you can't read just one.”
—Good Times
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