LIVINGSTON PRESS at the University of West Alabama

A sharp and tightly crafted tale of campus exploitation.... Incredibly relevant to today's reckoning with powerful men's sexual abuse of the women around them.
Kirkus Reviews

Kat Meads brings her formidable talent to bear on this story, a kind of woman’s experience seldom told and rarely told as well. Meads’s singular narrative voice, her delightful sentences, and her unwavering belief in female strength combine to create essential reading. If we can believe Muriel Rukeyser, that a woman telling the truth of her life would split the world open, then this story is the wedge.
—Oklahoma State Poet Laureate Jeanetta Calhoun Mish,
author of What I Learned at the War

Biting. Honest. Un-tempered. Thank god. Kat Meads gives us a piece of the underbelly of higher education. She brings Miss Jane to life, Jane who hails from “a fatalistic tribe enslaved by drought and hurricane scenarios, dependent on the vicissitudes of earth and sky.” Read Jane and you’ll wish you could get one step ahead of the girl in order to warn her, to break her potential fall. She is that real.
—Patrice Vecchione, author and performer of the one-woman show
Words Dressed & Undressed: Women, Aging & Identity